I like journalists and believe they provide an essential service. BUT they do have a propensity for the remarkable. Whilst crazy financiers have started a worldwide financial bushfire, the media are cheerfully screaming 'Run for your life! We're all heading to die!' Bad news sells papers. But is the information truly that bad? Is an financial downt… Read More

One factor is for sure: we all have a lot more stuff than we used to. With televisions getting bigger and bigger, Swedish furniture manufactures pumping out inexpensive tables and even less expensive sofas by the boat load, our houses are getting over loaded with stuff that it just doesn't have the space for. Have you tripped over anything in your … Read More

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Your wife is the most extraordinary person in your life, and choosing a present for your spouse is frequently the most tough task. Gifts don't always have to be massive. Even small presents can spark the most joy. Presents are a way of telling your wife how a lot she means to you and how a lot you love her. Presents give phrases to your feelings. S… Read More

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